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jewelry for furniture
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Mastercraft Fabrics has been designing and weaving fabrics for the Home Furnishings Industry in North America for more than 50 years.

In 2010 we are introducing a line of decorative pillows for your home made by Master Craftsmen living in North America. Our fabrics are designed in Taunton, Massachusetts and woven in our state of the art facility in Mexico. Our trims are designed and manufactured in Durham, New York. Our pillows are cut and sewn in Lowell, Massachusetts one of the original textile centers in the United States.

We are proud to offer you such high quality and affordable products made in North America.

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Business Consulting, HR and Training, Transport and Logistics

Many of the online directories focus towards one market segment or audience profile. Here, we target the "best in class" for each of the served markets by industry leaders in their respective fields. Find a category that you feel is most relevant to the content of your site, or that attracts a customer demographic you wish to reach. Provide a title and URL and submit to this directory.

Corporate Business

Business web directory and online Internet marketing center, offering powerful promotion opportunities to your business and website. Maximize traffic to your website by submitting to the directory. Categorized in 7 main groups, including Consulting, Manufacturing, Internet Services, Professionals, Health, Pharmaceutical, Software & Telecommunications and Transportation.

Business Consulting

Shoe Design provides fantastic values on all the latest decorating trends in the Corporate Services market. Specializes in Shoe Design. Located in NH, Shoe Design has been an Affordable Business Consulting supplier since 1999.

Category: Business Consulting

Grant Communications LLC provides services focused around Internet marketing consulting. Visit our site at to learn more on how we can be of service to you now and into the future.

Category: Internet Marketing Consulting

Based in MA, Anita Collins provides Retirement Consulting, New Business Startup Coaching as a Business Consulting personal management training and coaching company.

Category: Retirement Consulting, New Business Startup Coaching

Concierge Services, Inc. provides customized personal guides to new cities for familiarization.

Category: Corporate Sales

Offers a range of services including marketing communications, web design copywriting. Stray has been a member since 2011 in the Business Consulting directory.

Category: Marketing Communications, Web Design Copywriting

Wicked Good MarketingOffers a range of services including Specialties include marketing communications, web design copywriting. Directory partner since 2011.

Category: Marketing Communications, Web Design Copywriting

As an institution, Acuity has been a good corporate sponsor for the MA Business Systems Analyst, Business Systems Integration, Business Analyst Boston. A member of the directory since 2005 in the Corporate Services section.

Category: Business Systems Analyst, Business Systems Integration, Business Analyst Boston

Offers a range of products and services for markets including web design, web design company, SEO web design. GrantCom Corporate has been a member since 1998 in the Business Consulting directory.

Category: Web Design, Web Design Company, Seo Web Design

HR & Training

Specializing in Telemarketing, Demand Generation, Channel Development

Category: Telemarketing, Demand Generation, Channel Development

Clatk & Lavey are representatives for Accountable Care Organizations and Employee Benefits programs. Offer a monthly impact webinar conducted by industry leading experts in the HR benefits world.

Category: Paul Clark, Accountable Care Organizations, Employee Benefits


Transport & Logistics

For getting around the busy metropolitan area; bus company, massachusetts, new hampshire, bus transportation

Category: Bus Company, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Bus Transportation

Find out where you can get medical Logistics, healthcare logistics. Since 2008, National Logistics Group has been listed in the Transport and Logistics directory.

Category: Medical Logistics, Healthcare Logistics

Shop National Logistics Group in the Transport and Logistics category to find the best deals in RI for Third Party Logistics.

Category: Third Party Logistics

Specialize in Chicago courier. World Courier Ground has, since 2006, been listed in the Transport and Logistics directory.

Category: Chicago Courier

World Courier Ground is committed to strengthening the Corporate Services industry through collective support, services, and leadership in providing Atlanta courier services. Located in RI, World Courier Ground has been an Corporate Transport and Logistics supplier since 2006.

Category: Atlanta Courier

World Courier Ground provides specialized transportation and logistics services . Specialties include Courier. Directory partner since 2006.

Category: Courier

Provides full-service Seattle courier services for customers needing needing same day delivery, medical courier services and other related courier and package delivery services. Visit to take advantage of our special rates today.

Category: Seattle Courier

Retailer of San Francisco courier. Located in the Transport and Logistics directory since 2006, World Courier Ground strives to provide superior service and sell the highest quality products.

Category: San Francisco Courier

World Courier Ground offer our customers the greatest possible values on quality Miami courier services. Member since 2006.

Category: Miami Courier

boston courier

Category: Boston Courier

World Courier Ground courier and freight forwarding services for domestic delivery. Specialties include Portland courier. Directory partner since 2004.

Category: Portland Courier


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